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Wai-Fung Paul Poon

Wai-Fung Paul Poon, Professor

Education and Experience:

B.S. Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1972

M.S. University of Hong Kong, 1974

Ph.D. Indiana University, 1979

Joined Cheng Kung University faculty, 1994

Retired from Dept. of Physiology, 2015


Neurphysiology; biomedical signal processing


Commonwealth Medical Fellowship, UK (1984)

China Medical Board Fellowship, HKU (1989)

Fogarty International Fellowship, NIH, USA (1990)

Ming Yue Visiting Scholarship, CUHK (1997)

Distinguished Teacher's Award, Medical College, NCKU (2003)

Fulbright Fellowship, USA (2004)



Hobbies: Photography, traveling, building friendship, chatting

Research interests

Main interest is to understand how the brain process speech signals, one of the highest nervous activities that distinguishes human from other species. As the brain never remains stagnant but adapts to the ever-changing enviroment, my interest also extends to understand how neural plasticity comes about especially during the neonatal period when the brain starts sampling the world.

The rat auditory brainstem is the animal model we use. The techniques in this laboratory involve single cell recordings using micro-electrode and immuno-histochemistry (eg. immediate- early gene expression) Computer is widely used in stimulus generation, response recording as well as data/image analysis..


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