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Introduction to the Department of Physiology
Our Department was established with the Medical College in 1983 with its own Master program started in 1990 that runs parallel to an integrated Doctoral program offered by Basic Medical Sciences. We now teach six different Physiology courses to undergraduate students in the College plus over 30 advanced courses in physiology. We have currently a capacity of some 30 M.Sc. (and 10 Ph.D.) students and have so far produced nearly 100 graduates.

There are 12 full-time teaching faclties and 3 adjunct Professors in the Department. The fields of research are extensive. Our graduate courses are structured into 3 layers, and each evolves constantly in contents and in teaching style. Over half of our staff have received teaching awards from evaluations run by students.

On a nation-wide basis, we are considered relatively well funded in research. For example, we have a straight record of 100% funding over the past 3 years, including supports from National Science Council, National Health Research Institute, Ministry of Education and other local/overseas sources (total income is NT$21 million in the millennium year). The total SCI-paper count exceeded 100 over the last 5 years. All members have received Research Awards from the National Science Council.
Recently, we are putting strong efforts in developing small-group/interactive teaching, a new form of teaching similar to the Problem Based Learning (PBL) now getting increasing popular in other parts of the world.
Apart from collaborative research activities within the department, we also promote outside collaboration both within and outside the nation. Each year, our students have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, to participate in the Taiwan-Hong Kong Joint Physiology Symposium, an international activity founded in 1997 to involve 5 different universities (Kaohsiung Medical University, National Sun Yat-Sen University, University of Hong Kong, and Chinese University of Hong Kong) in this region and continues annually ever since.
Feel free to browse through our homepage, or even make an arrangement to visit our institute and to enjoy the southern warmth and serenity of the historic Tainan city.