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Have you ever wondered what is Physiology? Or what exactly does a physiologist do? Or ever wanted to find out more about the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine?

Physiology is the scientific study of the phenomena of life. These phenomena can be observed microscopically inside almost all cells, or take place inside our bodies. Regardless of its relationship to either a hormonal action, a response of neurons or why a cell lives or die, they have one thing in common: i.e., they would all advance our understanding of ourselves. Isn't that something realy exciting to you?

Should you feel interested in physiology, you may like to know more about the future career of physiologists. They may end up in higher institutes leading the life of a teacher and/or researcher. Or if you would like to continue your work in another field after a master program in our Department, there are plenty of opportunities to connect to other fields. You are always welcome to join our Master program in Physiology, one of the best in the nation.