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Future Plan

Future plans
Each of us develops our own research on a basically equal basis. To some extent, diversity and equality are therefore characteristics of our Department. Research-wise, there exists good opportunities for collaboration. Not only for collaborations within the department, there are outside collaborations in particular with other parts of the world. For example, we have bilateral exchange agreements signed with the University of Hong Kong and the Beijing Medical University, and they have materialized into joint publication of research papers, reference books as well as international research funding. Furthermore research ties have been established for exchange of personnel with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Each year, our students have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, to participate in the Taiwan-Hong Kong Joint Physiology Symposium, an international activity founded in 1997 to involve 5 different universities in this region and continues annually ever since. Teaching-wise, we are moving in the direction of a reform in education. Small group teaching or Problem Based Learning are just one of the many innovative ideas upon which we would like to explore. Using computer and multi-media resources for teaching is another popular format of instruction we would like to follow in the near future.
"Become a successful person before becoming a successful professional" -- this is not only the motto of the Medical College, but also the motto for every one who wishes to receive a fruitful education at NCKU. In such a comprehensive academic institute, students and teachers are benefited naturally by the rich intellectual environment.
For those who may become interested to find out more about our own Department, please browse through this homepage, or even make an arrangement to visit us and to enjoy the southern warmth and serenity of the historic Tainan city. Please also drop us a note of suggestion at your convenience, and thanks a lot.